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Hey guys, it's Guisey. So, I forgot to make a journal entry explaining stuff.
I left this account and moved to mythruins
For a while I just let this rot here but tonight I figured it was time to sweep this account up, seeing as how this is my first account on DeviantART.
So, yeah. That's all I got to say. Au revoir.
If in case you haven't heard,…

Alright, let me start of by saying I feel sad for this poor victim. Her friends sound like they're horrible people.

I recently heard a lot of Creepypasta/Slenderverse fans are receiving backlash from people after this attack. But you know what? Leave the fans alone. These kids obviously had problems mentally, and were led on by a fantasy that will never come true.

Anyone else that thinks you can legitimately become a Slenderman "proxy" by stabbing a poor girl/boy to death is wrong. NEVER attempt to kill someone. You can fantasize all you want, but don't think for a second Slenderman is gonna magically appear and let you be his proxy because your lured someone, especially your own friend, into a forest and stabbed that person.

Slenderman, if he even is real, is an omnipotent being who doesn't give two shits about you. And if the foolish fangirls who stabbed their friend to near-death ever read this, read this and read it again if it does not get through to your thick skulls immediately: SLENDERMAN WILL NOT, AND CANNOT, TELEPORT YOU TO SOME KIND OF IMAGINARY PLACE IF YOU KILL SOMEONE. IF ANYTHING, YOU WON'T GO TO A SPECIAL PLACE. NO, YOU'LL GO TO PRISON FOR STABBING SOMEONE. WHOEVER SAYS SACFRICES AND RITUALS WILL GET "HIS" ATTENTION, THAT PERSON IS MISTAKEN HORRIBLY.

Have a good day.
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